The best of senior gift ideas spring from the latest innovative concepts. You might have come across people writing about presenting a step stool, night vision lens, walker,              can opener, spectacle holder, album holder, memoirs from their young age (40 years ago) and so on. Nearly all of them remind they have become old and outdated for the present generation. In some ways they widen the gap between your children, you and your parents. Remember your son is watching the gift you present to your parents too closely. Tomorrow you might get a similar gift from him that could make you feel sick.

senior gift ideas hospice home care home health care professionalSenior Gift Ideas – Time to Break the Jinx

  • Jeans: – Go for the latest trendy jeans pants matching your parents’ waist size. You don’t need to tell what you have in store for them. One of the best options you can think of is the denim jeans. It is youthful, cheerful, long lasting and made for tough usage.
  • T-shirt:- Select the most colorful and blazing t-shirt you can find online. Or you can go for shopping and choose the latest fashion t-shirts. Just make sure you know their size precisely.
  • Goggles: – Get the best of sunglasses with polarized lens, metal frame and a full rim frame.
  • Shoes: – Get the best of sports shoes for jogging, walking and playing sports. Choose the color which matches with the jeans, t-shirt and the goggles. Make sure the shoes fit to their foot size and they are light in weight.  Inner cushioning with rubber soles make a perfect finishing for the shoes.
  • Watch: – Get the latest digital watch which has inbuilt features for sports persons and athletes. They show all the parameters related to blood pressure, heart rate, fitness tracker and others.

I hope you have a complete gift set for your elderly parents. You might think this is a strange combination of gift items. But you need to trust your innovative thinking. Go ahead and pass it onto them. Then you will be able to see the sparkle in their eyes which you might have never seen even while looking deep into a mirror.

Hospice home care – Reflections of Your Affection

  • Food and Nutrition: – The caretakers from hospice home care are here to help your parents get the best of food and nutrition all the time. They know exactly how many calories, vitamins, proteins and minerals your elders need. They can personalize their food preparation and feeding methods accordingly.
  • Health and Hygiene Care: – Health and hygiene care round the clock is one of the top priorities of hospice home care. They take care of all the needs related to bathing, dressing, sanitation and housekeeping activities.

senior gift ideas hospice home care home health care professional

Home Health Care Professional – Wholesome Health and Fitness

  • Medications: – dosage and duration monitoring of medication is one of the main tasks of home health care professional. They have the expertise to communicate between the doctors and the elderly.
  • Therapy: – The home health care professional can handle all sorts of physiotherapy as advised by the expert at home.