How long does it take for eyelashes to grow Back

Why would people ask the question as to how long does it take for eyelashes to grow back in the first place?

By chance, you may be one of the million women across the globe that has to settle for false eyelashes simply because you don’t have them anymore.

You needn’t despair. When you know the reasons as well as the various ways on how you can get your longest eyelashes back, you will very easily be able to deal with your current problem.

Causes of Stunted Eye Lash Growth

Many different kinds of causes are there for the eyelash loss or falling out. These are as follows:

o    Eyelashes can also fall off if you happen to rub your eyes vigorously.

o    If you are having the low-grade version that has harmful chemicals, or one which is applied heavily to your eyelashes, then chances are there that your lashes will react negatively to your mascara.

o    It can also be that you are suffering from an eyelid infection such as a sty.

o    It can be with the cosmetic product that you’re using, specifically the mascara.

o    Your eyelashes can also fall out because of a medical condition is known as madarosis or simply falling off the eyelashes.

o    Your eyelashes can also fall out because of a symptom of an underlying cause, usually a problem with the thyroid glands.

How Fast Do Eyelashes Grow

Your eyelashes will usually come back in a span of two to eight weeks provided that you have only pulled them off deliberately or accidentally. You may never be able to get them back, if you’re suffering from an illness, unless you do something about it, such as get yourself treated. You can expect your eyelashes to grow again when the symptoms disappear.

How to Grow Long Eyelashes Faster

If you are interested in growing your eyelashes again, you will need patience. If you cannot wait, there are certain things that you can do to speed up their growth or reduce your anxiety:

    Seek help: If because of a medical condition your eyelashes are falling out, the best option is to ask for recommendations from the doctor.

    Try natural methods: Many women are there who can swear for the effectiveness of castor and olive oil on the lashes. Apart from being affordable and available, they are quite easy to apply.

    Wear fake eyelashes: In order to know  how long does it take for eyelashes to grow you can come across many fake eyelashes today which look so real that no one can really tell the difference. You can wear them when to go out. It, however, becomes necessary for you to ensure that they are removed once you’re already in your home. They can also be irritating.

Use Eyelash Growth Product

It will be possible for you to get those longest eyelashes back with the help of a special product called Idol Lash. It is very safe to use, even for those with very sensitive eyes. Asides from this the lashes that grow are healthy—long, curvaceous, and gorgeous to look at.