A Battle Against Patchwork Plagiarism with the Google Plagiarism Checker

A person can commit plagiarism in various ways. For instance, a person may commit a word per word plagiarism which occurs when an entire sentence or paragraph is copied from a source without doing any modifications to it. In addition, plagiarism may also occur when a person borrows a statement from a source but fails to make a well paraphrased statement. Furthermore, plagiarism may happen accidentally when for instance, a person forgets or fails to include citations or quotations in a paper to properly acknowledge or cite the sources of borrowed information.

The sad thing about this is that committing plagiarism can lead to very serious punishments. For instance, if a student commits plagiarism in his or her essay, he or she can get punished by receiving a failing grade in the subject where that essay should be submitted. If the case of plagiarism is very serious, then the student may either get suspended or even expelled.

For this reason, the tool called the google plagiarism checker was invented so that plagiarism, regardless of how it was committed, can be combatted. It can even be used to detect one of the most complicated forms of plagiarism called the patchwork plagiarism. The tool can also even detect the smallest hints of plagiarism like coped phrases and sentences.

Patchwork plagiarism is a form of plagiarism that occurs when a person copies statements from different sources and then combine those statements to create paragraphs and eventually the entire paper. This is wrong in so many levels because the student fails to include his or her own ideas into the paper which is actually the main reason why that was given. Also, patchwork plagiarism is wrong because the statements used in the paper does not acknowledge or cite the original sourced of information.

Although patchwork plagiarism is a complex form of plagiarism, it can still be detected. Teachers can know whether a student has committed plagiarism by just checking the paper. However, doing a manual check for patchwork plagiarism can take a lot of time. That is why the best alternative is to use the google plagiarism checker to know instantly if a paper has committed plagiarism in the patchwork form.Using this tool can help save a lot of time and energy.

The tool is so much recommended for use because it really is beneficial. It is so accurate because it scans almost all web pages available on the net. Also, it can give the results very quickly. And in addition, using the google plagiarism checkerrequires no payment in any form. So to battle out patchwork plagiarism right now at this instant, you should use the said tool.