With data security and internet access becoming less reliable, should you consider using a hotspot for your communications?  Yes, of course, there are many chain businesses that offer “free Wi-Fi access” however many of the businesses restrict the usage and access to sites on the internet that might require heavy data usage through their network.  An option that you can consider is the use of a vpn or personal hotspot which allow an individual to access any type of data as long as you have data left in your plan.


A mobile hotspot allows multiple devices to connect to the internet at the same time.  Mobile wifi hotspots or “MiFi’s” allow users to connect multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, PC’s and other mobile devices the ability to connect to the internet. They don’t require any proprietary software to work.  They only require pairing and input of a password to connect. It limits and protects personal information from being accessed by anyone because only individuals with the password can connect to the hotspot.  This makes users feel more secure and safe in accessing sensitive sites like financial institution when conducting business.

Hotspots allow users essentially to be able to work anywhere without relying on an external connection through Wi-Fi. They do not have to worry about being visible on an unsecured public Wi-Fi platform and they usually have a better connection speed than an unsecured public Wi-Fi platform.  This is a great option for a person that needs connectivity, privacy and the ability to connect multiple devices.

There are times when connectivity through an internet service provider goes down.  If you don’t have an alternate option to connect to the internet and you must connect then your cell phone provider will charge big bucks for overages.  The smart business person is serious about ensuring their connectivity.  Verizon offers multiple product offering for mobile hotspots with various data amounts.  They also offer savings to customers interested in switching to their service from other wireless providers.

Having a MiFi Solution allows for quick reliable connects using a device that can fit in your hand. Check out Verizon’s product offerings first if you are interested in a mobile hotspot solutions.  One less headache to worry about during the day is having a secure and private connection to the internet.