Best Vacation Resorts in Bintan

Bintan Island in Singapore is one of the historical islands. It is considered to be one of the most joyous holiday destinations of all times. It’s famous for its stupendous old architecture, prodigious museums and exceptional tapas. There is a series of beaches here known as the Trikora group of beaches at the east of Bintan. They are numbered from 1 to 4 at a direction of south to north. These beaches here have attracted tourists from years and have developed the city to a spot of tourist attraction. This has been the reason behind development of many resorts here for the tourists to stay in. The Best Trampoline You Must Have

The resort enclave in the occupying the north of the Indonesian island Bintan is called the Bintan Island Resorts. There are of nine resorts and a small serviced apartment which is been development. Escape to the fun of the sun rays falling straight on the sea beach here at Bintan. Enjoy the most stress free days of your lives as you dive in to the sea water here. All the nine resorts and one apartment here is equally luxurious. The Angsana Bintan, Banyan Tree Bintan, Bintan Lagoon Resort, Bintan Lodge, Club Med Bintan Island, Nirwana Gardens, Ria Golf Lodge, Swiss-BelHotel Lagoi Bay, The Sanchaya and Villa Arya all are places of relaxation, fun, events, adventure and photography. From the Street art of Tanjung Pinang to the Luohan temple consisting of 500 statues, everything here will attract you. Or you can just stay calm and relax yourself at the Tricora beach as the sea breeze passes by your face. Learning the boat making here (locally called sampans) is also a fun activity. We people from the cities will feel the village life magical. Watching the sun to set and those galaxies and Milky Way’s so clear in the night sky have never been a city life experience. The Sultan of Riau’s Grand Mosque at the Penyengat Island where there is a place from history to visit where as weekend evenings enjoying the sky lantern show in Bintan Lagoon Resort is breathtaking.

Due to the short ferry trips from Singapore to Bintan Island, the area has gain much popularity amongst the tourists and has become the favourite weekend getaway for localities. As the Singapore open market is available here so the currency here is Singapore dollars instead of Indonesian Rupiah. Mostly people or tourists from Singapore visit this place to enjoy the beach resort.

The Bintan island Resorts has a ferry terminal of its own. It serves the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal only in Singapore. Bintan Resorts is unique in its own way as it is separated from rest of Bintan Island by barbed wire fence. The land access to the land here is via a single security checkpoint.