Mizoram State Lottery

Are you a lucky person? How many times you have won a lottery? If you are a person who is lucky in the matter of gaming then here is a new lottery for you. Mizoram state lottery is a gift for you. Now you can try your luck with our new lotto and you can win so high. The first prize is Rs.65, 00,000 and this is really very big indeed. Mizoram lottery is an Indian lottery that is all legal and worth playing. You can also check the Mizoram lottery result on this site.

India Mizoram State Lottery

India is a big country and the population of India is increasing day by day. Due to this overpopulation, the number of poverty has radically increased in just the last few decades. So at least, the government of India has introduced a good way to fight poverty. And Mizoram state lottery is the solution to this issue. Mizoram lottery is a legal lottery system. And this system is operated by the government of Mizoram state. Additionally, the whole lotto system is controlled over the internet. The government has introduced the official website for the Mizoram lottery. And on that website, they announce the daily result.

Mizoram State Lottery Today Result

For your information, we would like to announce that the Mizoram state lottery today’s result is now published. So whoever bought the ticket for today’s lottery can now officially check his lottery ticket online. Additionally, you can download the pdf file for today’s draw. Pdf file is very convenient to download and also can be seen on the mobile phone.

Mizoram Lottery Today Draw Names

The official site of the Mizoram lottery announces a draw every day. Below is the list for day to day draw names.
  • Mizoram Silver
  • Diamond
  • Swan
  • Roja
  • Orange
  • Gold
These are the names of the lottery every day.

Prize List of Mizoram State Lottery

Mizoram lottery is not so high rewarding. But it is still a good lotto. You can check the prize or reward list below.
  • First Prize – Rs.8000
  • Second Prize – Rs.3000
  • Third Prize – Rs.750
  • Fourth Prize- Rs.200
  • Fifth Prize – Rs.100
  • Sixth Prize – Rs.50
So, you can see the first prize is no very attractive. And this is a very small amount as compared to other lotteries.

About Mizoram

Mizoram is a very famous state in India. The name of the state is a combo of two words, one is Mizo which is the name of inborn people and second is the Ram which means a place to live. This is the 23rd state of India. The population of the state is almost 1,091,000. Aizawl is the capital of this state. It was separated from the state of Assam in 1972.

Are you a winner of today?

If you are a winner of today’s lottery draw then please let us know in comments.If you are the lucky one who just won the Mizoram state lottery then we would like to share your success with all other players. So, share your feedback and give hope to other players as well. Thanks