Why is Pearson Test of English Conducted?

Pearson Test of English is known worldwide computer-based English test for study abroad and immigration.  It is acceptable worldwide and it is also approved for Australian visa application. It is accepted in all around the world even in the reputed institutions like Harvard Business School, Instead, and Yale University. PTE offers fast and organized rest. Enable candidates to perform their test in a flexible way. Even proper schedule is being given to the candidates. PTE test is known worldwide due to the following characteristics:

  • Approved for Australian visa applications
  • Shows the result within five days
  • Schedule of test posted in advance
  • Accepted all around the world even by reputed colleges and universities

Why is famous globally?

It is recognized globally and is accepted by national educations authorities as an evidence of a required level of English.  So candidates can match their required level of English. It is also known for its credibility and merit.

  • It is fast results typically within 5 business days.
  • It is secure test because of Palm-vein scanning, randomized test form and data forensics ensure the test’s security
  • It is fair because marking is computer based which ensure that all tests are marked correctly
  • It is flexible too because there are 250 test centers all around the world. So, this experience is not tiresome for candidates.

PTE is known worldwide due to its merits credibility. It ensures that test experience should be fare and secure.

What is the test all about?

Pearson Test of Englishis designed to know about the candidate’s achievement in English language and learning. It is actually an assessment of a candidate how much he knows the English language and how much grip he has on this language. In the test four skills is going to be tested which are:

  • Listening skill
  • Reading skill
  • Writing skill
  • Speaking skill

And the focus is on the communications skills not on the test-taking skills. And examinehow they communicate with the English language.

  • The test is realistic in nature. And use real-life material as understanding tasks, participation in the conversation, reading newspaper etc.
  • The test allows candidates to express themselves in a best possible way through communication. And examine how well they can do with the English language.
  • Test experience gives strength and develops skills of candidates due to the variety of tasks.

Test’s Format:

The test consists of two parts: one is written the part and second is spoken. In written test reading comprehension and writing skills are being marked by the examiner in the UK.  In spoken test reading and communication skills are being assessed by local examiners and is sent to theUK for moderation

How it is structured?      

The test includes written part and a spoken part. The written part is divided into 9 tasks which are linked to a theme. And at level 2 the theme is related to a familiar subject or day to day subject.

In a nutshell, Pearson Test of Englishis all about candidate’s understanding how the English language. How well he can work with English language. And it is an assessment of how a candidate can communicate while using the English language. It is a test to know candidate’s English learning and understanding.