Energy efficiency infographic: How to improve your home

The energy efficiency infographic of our real estate blog on the Capital Smart City islamabad yields this month some curious and, above all, very useful data. Are we aware of what a home with an adequate certification of its energy efficiency can mean in annual savings? It seems that neither real estate professionals nor individuals who sell or buy their homes take into account this facet that can lead to savings of up to 2500 euros per year in electricity.

Energy Efficiency Infographic: Summary

European objective: Reduce energy consumption

And the consequences of fulfilling that objective, a considerable saving in household electricity bills. However, we Spaniards do not seem to be interested, perhaps because of the disbursement that each home would need to adapt and get the proper certification.

Far away it seems the 20% reduction in energy consumption that the EU is looking for, as well as a minimization of its CO2 emissions and an enhancement of renewable energy, which would undoubtedly also help alleviate the greenhouse effect and the tragic climate change .

2020 is the deadline that Europe has estimated to achieve these objectives, but it does not seem that they will be able to be met, if the countries that comprise it continue to prefer to ignore them.

Our real estate infographic makes a quick review of the latest regulations approved in Spain with the aim of channeling the path towards that European objective