Assured Cardiovascular Health with Bemer Technology and Microcirculation Therapy

Bemer Technology

Blood circulation process in your body is the driving force for sustaining “life and health”. Bemer Technology and Microcirculation Therapy are the tools which enhance the quality of your health and assure prolonged lifespan. The core aim of this program is to improve the blood quality, regulate the flow through the tiniest of blood vessels and maximize the oxygen and energy supplies. By doing so it can improve the strength of your heart muscles, purify the blood and control the blood pressure. In fact the entire cardiovascular system gets revitalized by this process. You get understand more about this when you get a glimpse of the microcirculation network in your body.

Bemer Technology and Microcirculation Therapy – Healing the Circulatory System

The network of microcirculation network starts from the external jugular vein and the internal aroid artery near the brain. They extend up to the anterior Tibial vein and the posterior Tibial artery. The network contains of multiple veins and arteries which supply blood to all the organs. In addition the network has many capillaries, vascular shunt, sphincters and arteriole. The net length of the network (if it were to flow in a single line) would be approx 25,000 miles! That means your heart is pumping blood which travels this kind of distance before coming back.

  • Regulation Mechanism: – The regulation mechanism of this network can be made efficient through Bemer Technology and Microcirculation Therapy. It takes care of diffusion, bulk flow and the management of insulin sensitive hormones.
  • Cleaning Mechanism: – The microcirculation network gets exposed to the oxygen drawn from the lungs every second. But you know about the kind of pollution that affects your lungs every moment. Hence the micro veins and blood vessels end up absorbing the micro and Nano sized pollutants. They have to be cleaned at regular intervals to prevent the accumulation of pollutants in the walls of these veins and in the bloodstream. The diet practices, physical workouts and other forms of cleaning can only remove 15%-20% of the pollutant molecules. The remaining continues to stay and grow. What would happen within a span of 5 to 10 years from today is a matter of clear understanding. Bemer Technology and Microcirculation Therapy are the most trusted mean of ensuring 99.8% cleaning. What is more, they can help improve the health and fitness of the entire cardiovascular system with zero side effects.

Bemer Technology and Microcirculation Therapy – Energy Enhancement

In spite of having the most sophisticated modes of travel, comfortable working environment and luxurious amenities at home, your physical exhaustion and feeling of lethargy seem to be persistent. Many times you feel the energy being drained out leading to fatigue. No matter how much of nutrition you pour into your body, the energy levels simply don’t rise. This is due to the presence of pollutants which eat up more than 70% of the supplies of proteins, minerals and nutrients. Moreover they can also end up eating the cells within micro circulation network, leading to diseases and disorders. The Bemer Technology and Microcirculation Therapy can eliminate all these problems and enhance energy levels.