Pointers on Redoing Your Bathroom

Whether it is just changing the faucet, modernizing the bathroom hardware, or doing a complete redo bathroom, it is always important to remember the following tips to reduce the cost overall. These guidelines will also glam up your bathroom with minimal time and energy wasted.

Choosing the desired color theme

There are different types of paint to choose from such satin, glossy, and trendy matt. If you are cost conscious, then it is best if you go for the glossy paint for your bathroom. Recently, paint manufacturers have begun to make special matte paint with fashionable finishes that help with have anti-bacterial substances mixed in them so as to avoid moisture or mildew to grow on the walls. However, these types of paints tend to cost more than normal colors such as satin or gloss. Avoid taking a bath or shower in the washroom for at least a day to avoid any moisture to be absorbed by the newly painted fall

Tip: –To ensure that no type of mildew or moisture is formed on the walls of your paint, it is important to install a vented exhaust fan on the wall of your bathroom.

Faucet first, please

The essential hardware in the washroom that catches everyone’s eye is the faucet of the sink or the tub. There are different types of faucets available such as the basic turning taps or the lever faucet. If you have the elderly or children in your family, it is best to install the lever faucets, as they are easier to use for everyone regardless of age. After that, you can choose the matching hardware for the rest of the bathroom such as towel bars, the matching shower set, and so on.

Storage and Counter space

The next most important in redoing the bathroom is to choose the ideal sink and cupboards for the bathroom. There are three types of drains:

  • Vanity: A traditional sink offers both counter space and storage space in the drawers below it.
  • Pedestal: Ideal for smaller bathrooms, this type of sink offer little counters space and no drawers at all.
  • Vessel: An antique furniture piece, this type of sink has very little useable counter space but plenty of useable drawer and storage space on the inside.

Lighting must be Right

It is necessary to have a large light source fixed on the ceiling, so everything in the bathroom can be clearly visible. However, this light may be insufficient, which looking at yourself in the mirror. While redoing the bathroom, it is necessary to ensure that you place lights on the mirror as well. If there isn’t enough space to place two side lights, then just install one long light right above the mirror.

Tiles everywhere

While redo bathroom, it is important to ensure that the tiles selected are strong enough and do not chip or break easily. Cement tiles are trending these days, but it is not affordable for everyone. The best quality tiles with a good price tag are tiles made of porcelain. It is also important to ensure that tiles aren’t too slick to prevent people from slipping and falling easily.