Why consider running water bottle

Design, the most beautiful water bottles

running water bottle

Consumers are paying more and more attention to the packaging of running water bottle. The outside becomes a real communication and advertising tool. It makes you want to be noticed, to collect …

The work of the bottle allows brands to express themselves on the values, the qualities of the product and to address the right target.

Here is a small panel of some pretty bottles, all made of H2O and possibly some citrus zest, selected for you.

In this ticket only bottles designed or decorated in the mass appear. All bottles wrapped in decorated plastic film are not part of the selection (exit Badoit or other brands).

“Simplicity is the garment of perfection”

On My Evian, you can also find the limited edition bottles of Evian and Badoit designed by great creators:

evian badoit bottles limited editions Waters in beautiful clothes, which I like to invite to the end of year holiday tables!

And for you, a pretty bottle on a beautiful table is a detail that matters?

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Design, the most beautiful water bottles

Nice packaging for this Russian water, both in the bottle and in the outer packaging, note the bar code. Seryab is available in two materials – a special glass bottle plus a carafe system for restaurants and bars, and a plastic bottle for distribution.

Water Y

Design, the most beautiful water bottles

from Venice Beach. A playful bottle intended mainly for children. Waters Y are called muscles.

The bottles are 100% recyclable and 100% reusable as an aid to creative development. See what your lovely toddlers can do with simple bottles


simple lines inspired by nature. A bonus Mini-fridge which cools Diuco the bottle in 15 minutes to tasting temperature, allowing the customer to fully enjoy the purity of Patagonia.

Aqua carpatica

Design, the most beautiful water bottles

the purest water, choose to dress in light. Light enhances the preciousness of water. A jewel

Aqua armani

Design, the most beautiful water bottles

Designed by Solé Natural Mineral Water, Italian water is a premium product, low in minerals and sodium, the source of which is found in the Alps of Lombardy. Available in a flat and carbonated version in 750ml and 330ml.


bottle of mineral water expresses the terroir and a modernized version of the bottle of old-fashioned beer from New Zealand


Design, the most beautiful water bottles

premium mineral water


Design, the most beautiful water bottles

Very nice limited edition Spanish bottles for Fuensanta. Fancy a stroll in the forest?


Design, the most beautiful water bottles

Let’s go to Italy with this mineral water. Lurisia was redesigned in 2008.


Design, the most beautiful water bottles

This bottle won all the design awards: two Pentawards and the design award from the Athenaeum Museum in Chicago. Winks to Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Warhol, Keith Haring, Lichtenstein, and others. As for the water, it comes from Finnish Lapland.