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San Antonio in Texas, USA experiences a lot of damages caused by hail to property as well as life. Hail occurs in the winter season especially, at times it is also common at late summer.Hail which are very small in size do not cause much harm. But a hail of the size of pea can cause a lot of damage. At times hail sizes are as large as a tennis ball or even bigger falls faster than 100 miles per hour causes massive damage to property.  The property that is damaged the most is auto mobile. Besides automobile other damages caused to property are sliding windows, doors, roofs, skylights. The damage to automobile is most common and evident. Thus, a lot of shops regarding repair of hail damages on autobody has been opened. The Best Autobody Shop In San Antonio Texas should be recognized by you and then you should trust them with your property.Best Autobody Shop In San Antonio Texas

Effects of hail

The damage caused by hail to an automobile occurs in a number of ways. The Best Autobody Shop In San Antonio Texas should consider the following instances. The instances are as follows:

  • The hail pellets might destroy the front glass as well as the back glass. At times, the mirrors are also destroyed.
  • They are known to cause problem to the wipers at several instances.
  • Hail cause dents to the car, the spots are left behind.
  • The color of the car is damaged which must be newly painted by the Best Autobody Shop In San Antonio Texas.
  • The lights also get broken at instances that also must be repaired and light guards must be given so that such damage is not caused in future.
  • Windshield gets damaged at certain cases too.


The services that the Best Autobody Shop In San Antonio Texas should offer to you are as follows:

Besides the repair services certain services which they must provide and the guidelines you must keep in mind before trusting them are as follows:Best Autobody Shop In San Antonio Texas

  • They should have a positive track record
  • They should befully insured
  • Theyshould be well established
  • They should have always passed the background check
  • The workers must be excellent, fully trained and licensed to do the work
  • Experienced in claiming insurance
  • They should provide speedy service
  • They should be well equipped with all the latest technologies that are required to repair the damage caused by hail.
  • The customer service they provide should be very good. Customers should be well greeted and well treated. They should answer to phone calls and emails with equal importance. Any problems after the service must be also taken care of thus it can be a good option for you to choose.