Treat your pain with medical marijuana

You might be wondering now how to get a medical marijuana card online. MMJ Herb has it all sorted out for you. You can easily get the card online whenever you want to

Here are the details of the packages for you, from which you have to choose the most suitable one for you. You will get the card for that package.

  • The bronze package: This package is based on a digital format. The recommendations from MMJ doctor will be in digital form and are signed digitally by your doctor. Also you can get verification round the clock using your phone or online methods.
  • The silver package: it is also a digital-based package in which recommendation and sign are all digitally formatted. The verification is also available 24/7 for the clients. What makes it different is the recommendation by MMJ doctor in paper format.
  • The gold package: As indicated by the name, it is one of the best packages by MMJ herb. Besides the digital format and verification availability round the clock, you can own an ID card. This card contains your personal photo for identity as MMJ member. Also doctor’s recommendation is available in paper
  • The platinum card: It is similar to gold package in its all specialties. The one feature that makes it unique is the permission to grow 99 plants.

The procedure:

It is so simple to know how to get a Medical Marijuana card online. You can get the card online by just clicking on ORDER MMJ CARD. The new page will open that will require certain information. You will have to provide:

  • Patient’s information: It requires the correction data about the patient. Whatever information you provide is further evaluated by a licensed doctor of your stay and he approves it for processing. No matter to which state you belong, we personalize all legal documents according to the law of the state you live in.
  • Patient full name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Patient’s ID card
  • Patient’s personal photo
  • Also, you need to provide information about what medical condition you are suffering from. There are a number of symptoms present in the form of a list. You can select one or more. If you do not find any relevant symptom, select the option of other medical or chronic symptoms.
  • There is a box in which you can write detail about your symptoms and elaborate your medical condition or write anything that you think your doctor should be aware of.
  • By clicking on save and continue you are moved to the next page where you have to provide information about your location including
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code
  • After saving this information the next page appears with the reading of additional services.
  • You have to select the package of your choice. Addition services include
  • MMJ doctor’s recommendation with additional payment of $10.99
  • Personal photo plastic ID card for $15.99 You can select from any of these and proceed to the next page.
  • There you will have to provide promo code and can recalculate your payment. Payment will only be done when there will be approval of your information. An invoice email will be sent to you for confirmation. This is all about how to get a medical marijuana card online via MMJ Herb center.